Intro [link]
Gasoline Elasticity [link]
Electric Vehicles [link]
Electric Vehicles benefits slides from Erin Mansur [link]

Key Points

Required reading and response questions

Lecture 1

Read Knittel (JEP 2012)

Response questions

  1. Compared to electricity markets, do you think it will be easier or harder to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation markets?
  2. Knittel discusses four channels through which petroleum consumption might be reduced. Which do you think will be the most important over the next decade?

Lecture 2

Everyone please read the intro to each of these three papers. Then, for the reading specified for your group, please read enough to explain the research question and conclusion for the specific article.

Response questions All three papers are trying to estimating the same parameter: the demand elasticity for gasoline.

Lecture 3

We’re going to start our discussion of electric vehicles by looking and the drivers of demand. Please read the following three articles.

Response questions

Lecture 4

Next we’re going to discuss the environmental benefits of EVs.

Response questions