Energy Efficiency

EE Gap Slides [link]
Allcott and Sweeney Slides [link]
Weatherization Wars [link]

Key Points

Required reading and response questions

Lecture 1

Response questions

  1. What is the energy efficiency gap?
  2. What are some “rational” explanations?

Lecture 2

Read the following two experimental papers:

  1. Allcott (JPubEcon 2011)
  2. Allcott & Sweeney (MS 2017) For each paper, read the intro, then skim the rest to understand the experimental setup and key results.

Response questions
For each paper, write one paragraph explaining:

  1. What is the research question in each paper?
  2. How does the experiment allow the authors to answer the question?

Lecture 3

Recently, there was a very public debate of the benefits of weatherization. Some prominent economists conducted a study which called into question the wisdom of a popular energy efficiency program.

Response questions:

  1. Do you find the economist’s criticism of this program fair?
  2. What did you take away from this back and forth?

Additional material